Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter + Emolyn DDS

Emolyn had a great Easter filled with a super cute dress, gloves and miles of candy. But unfortunately due to my need to keep the lights on at home I had to work. So I set out her dress and her little basket, and off to work I went. Cold and alone. And Easter is supposed to be about celebration. But look how cute she looked!
Recently Emolyn has been fascinated with teeth, mostly my teeth. And she has been investigating them.Why she has to pinch my nose I don't know.

But I get a kiss after so its all worth it.Emolyn Kate (as she calls herself) has taken to being very independent. Both with going potty (yes!) and cleaning up. She is also very into candy and cookies, awesome. But she still holds n affection for veggies so we are working on keeping that relationship open! She loves to give hugs and "massages" where she rubs your shoulders for 5 seconds. And while she might be without clothes around the house she is never without shoes.


tea_time said...

Emolyn looked adorable on Sunday! Maddie was happy to see her in Bees.

Miranda said...

She is the sweetest! We missed you so much!!