Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good morning

Just wanted to let the 3 of you that read this know that Emolyn is like 80% potty trained. Its very exciting. We ran out of diapers and instead of going to the store we said "you have to wear your big girl panties there are no more diapers" and she did it! Shawn did go buy her Elmo panties which helped but still!
Its fun to think of having another baby in the family. And a little scary of course. I love the baby stage. holding and feeding and cuddling. Im glad Emolyn still likes to cuddle with me.
We have a busy beginning of summer planned so look forward to some vacation pictures while I can still get out of town! Mexico x 2, payson and New York! Shawn and I are taking a 5 day trip in May, sans Emolyn. It should be awesome!


The Youngs said...

New York City? Definitely recommended. There is a ton to do and see and even in 5 days you won't hit all. If you want advise we can tell you how we did it. I really liked Ellis Island and walking Canal street.
Congrats to both you and the little girl on the potty training. Strange to think that this is the time she learns this "skill" and then does it the rest of her life...odd things you get excited about as a parent. - Matthew

linda t said...

I love when you post Nicole. Makes my day.
Keep em coming.

brandi said...

Have an awesome time!!! And take advantage of being a family of 3, because it won't be long before the new one will be here!

NanAZ said...

And don't be surprised if Emolyn reverts back from her potty training for a little while when the new baby comes along. Hopefully she'll be in such good practice that it won't happen, but it is a possibility.

See you have at least 4 people reading this!

kristen said...

wow new it okay that I am super jealous!! Always wanted to go there for my 30th but not looking good for me:( I will have to live through you guys and erica!!

Mom said...

Can we have you over for dinner this week and hear all the details and see photos and enjoy your company? Got a date? Day?
I love reading your blog, you are such a great writer it's like sitting right next to you hearing the story