Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden and special news!

I haven't posted about my garden yet! I took this pictures shortly after planting and wow has the whole thing taken off! Shawn created an above ground planter for me from some recycled pavers (Thanks Try family) and we filled it with soil and mulch and were on our way. Our broccoli yielded one delicious stalk.
Our special gardener is very helpful. She loves to tell us when the srawberries are ripe!
And of course help water.
We have had some delicious salads from our 2 lettuce plants. Our onions are sprouting like crazy and our tomato plant is 4 times the size. but only like 3 tomatoes :(. Our bell pepper plants have yet to bring any food but look really healthy and are growing!
And a quick flash back to Easter of last year. Look at this little peach! How precious!
And guess what? By Easter next year she will be a big sister! We are having a baby in October! We are so excited. Yesterdays ultrasound said it looks like another girl! Emolyn keeps saying "sister"! Its pretty fun!


linda t said...

I love your garden!! Makes me wish we would have planted something this year. How fun for Emolyn to watch the it grow!

kristen said...

Wow I heard you were pregnant but hadn't heard it was a excited!!!!

m&em said...

She is going to make one great big sister. Congradulations.