Monday, January 31, 2011

January plus

Emolyn wants me to let you know her birthday is coming up soon. She says "Its twenty wherey second" or february twenty second :) She says "lets blog about it".

And I wanted to show you some awesome pictures my sweet friend Sarah took of Elsie last friday. These havent even seen editing yet!

Also wanted to declare my 2011 theme. Salt and Light. We had Cynthia Heald author of Becoming a Woman of Simplicity speak at our bible study last tuesday and someone asked her "what do you do about friends or family that arent saved?" And I think this is applicable in all areas of life but her response was so awesome, "We should be salt and light". Now Im paraphrasing, as I didn't record the presentation, but she went on to say when people are in the dark and they need light they turn a light on, when something is not salty enough we add salt to it. But too much light and too much salt is never good and always off putting. So read Matt 5:13-16 and see that I can be available to people, being light and salt when they want it. Listening and being able to speak truth when its asked for and not feeling that I have to be all things to all people all the time. So freeing and encouraging and im totally into it. And im also encouraged to keep myself salty (which I feel comes naturally for me wink wink). But not being too busy to focus on me a little bit.

We spent a super fun weekend up in Prescott that I have some great pictures from. Hopefully there will be a nap time this week that will accommodate another post

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Miranda said...

So wise Nicole! I love that explanation of being "salt and light" - needed to hear that. So true.

I also love my baby niece so much! Can't wait to see more :)