Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Camp time

We went to camp this weekend for a leadership retreat. It was Emolyns first time in the cold. I brought like 10 hats because she has never worn winter hats. Only 2 hats fit! Her head was too big. W had her double sleepered to keep warm in the cabin and she spent some of the night in bed with us. She did so great for being in a new and very different place. She even helped a little in the kitchen! I was worried about walking the rough terrain in my boot so I had a lot of help with other people carrying Emolyn while we were outside so I didn't come crashing down with the both of us! We did have a spectacular rain storm right before we left and the thunder and lightning didn't bother her at all. Who knew our child would be so comfortable in the outdoors!?! She did do a lot of her "talking" while everyone else was being very quiet, it was very entertaining. She knows when to put on the charm! We also got to spend some time with some of our friends. Emolyns friends Clark and Suzy. This was the first time Clark held Emolyn because he was too afraid he would hurt her because of their size difference. But we knew Clarks gentle heart would keep Emolyn safe.
Here are some more warm pics!


kristen said...

Oh how I want to be in the cold! Especially camping in the cold. I love your little family

Suzy said...

This is too cute. I think you even made Clark tear up a little. We love you Thompson folks.