Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting my new best friend

This tuesday early in the morning Emolyn's new friend Madison Marie was born at 4lbs 3 oz. Madison is the first baby Emolyn is bigger than, but still almost twice Emolyn's birth weight! Emolyn better watch out because she is good eater so its only a matter of time!
I got the privilege of spending late monday nite at the hospital with my wonderful friend Jeannette and our friends and her family. It was nice to be the one outside the delivery room but man was it rough. Just walking in that evening, the same way I walked in 6 months ago and the same way I walked in twice a day for a month until my girl came home. It smells the same. But this was Jeannette's day, and it was a little bumpy but everyone came out ok. What a proud dad Matt was as he showed off his little girl. It was so beautiful to watch their little family grow!
We went to go visit the next day after everyone had had some rest and Emolyn got to meet Madison, I think she was impressed by all the hair she has hidden under that cap! The visit didn't last long but it made Emolyn sleepy.
She woke up on the walk to the car and could not stop staring at her daddy. 
We are so excited to start our families together. I got to tell Madison about all the fun play dates we will have! My heart ached for Jeannette on monday as I knew the fear that consumed this happy day despite the joys that God would give them. And I was so grateful to see a healthy little girl and a little jealous that Jeannette got to keep the baby in the room with her! What a luxury! I remember hearing the neighbors baby crying and being so sad that my girl wasn't there with me. 
A lady at the hospital yesterday asked how many weeks old Emolyn was, ahh I wonder when that wont bother me anymore. I know no one means to say anything hurtful. I just say "well she is 6 months just extra tiny!" 
Heres to much smoother deliveries in the future!


brandi said...

I think Emolyn looks just right! Happy 6 month birthday

linda t said...

What a precious pic!
Oh how Emolyn adores her Daddy! And you captured that moment perfectly.

Amy T Schubert said...

Emolyn is awesome .. I always forget that she is tinier than expected.
Maybe she'll be a gymnast.
or a jockey. :)
that pic of E and Shawn is awesome.

Miranda said...

Can't wait to see Maddie and Emy playing when they are older... what good friends.

Skerrib said...

Being next to a newborn puts things in perspective. Your sweet 6-month-old is right where she belongs. sigh--I'm all misty now...