Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hey you get off of my cloud

Guess what I am doing right now? Feeding Emolyn. Guess what I do all day. Feed Emolyn. I guess its my trade off for her sleeping all night.
Shawns last day at work is friday, we cant wait to have him home. And i cant wait to get some stuff done around here!
I know a lot of people who are in need of some encouragement. Here it is. At least you don't look like this.


Miranda said...

truer words were never spoken.

kristen said...

ha! So this is kind of personel but I am just curious are you still pumping? or just nursing? or both? or neither? The whole feeding process for me was so overwhelming most of the time that I just am curious how other moms do it. I am nosey!

Laura said...

Thanks for the encouragement! We both lived through her first week of daycare! She was just fine, I was a wreck...sounds about right! I hope everything is going well with you and your little lady!

Meredith said...

i love you! that made me laugh!