Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am a big fat winner!

I won the bumbo cover! Emolyn is going to be so pleased! It is corduroy and it is going to be monogrammed (for free also) with "Baby T".  And this blogger gives away something every friday for baby or mommy or both!
Here are a couple pics to catch you up on Emolyn's photogeneticity.

We are learning what it means to be coy. I think shes got it down.
Here is my stupid foot, after 3 weeks, still purple, still swollen. I go back to the dr on friday, I am not so sure its healing right. My toes keep going numb and thats not really a good thing. But at least my foot doesn't look like this, sorry Jeannette!
I wanted to show you this cute little set because as we all know Emolyn has a zillion clothes, but we were sort of planning on her wearing 3-6 month clothes in the summer. That is not going to happen since she is wearing newborn size clothes right now. So we have a lot of summer things for winter time. In an effort to stay positive I am thinking we will just need some sweaters and leggings. And this is the awesome gift we got! This is a white sweater and cap that Emolyn's Mawmaw (aka wise Emolyn) made! I know she will look adorable in it!
PS I am working on the favorite clothing thing but I worked 3 nights in a row so I am still catching up on sleep and what it means to be awake during the day!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of night shift!!!!! Emolyn is too stinkin cute!!!!-melissa Wilburn

Miranda said...

I like the nickname for Mamaw -"wise Emolyn".

kristen said...

I can't believe how blessed you are...I never win anything. I don't have a bumbo but maybe some day and how fun would that cover be! Emolyn has such pretty eyes!

teresa said...

I love your blog Nicole! Emolyn is very very beautiful!!!

kristen said...

Thank you so much for the comment! I need a new post from you...its been way to long in the blog world ha!