Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sedona pt 1

We got a ton of awesome pics in Sedona so its a 2 parter. We were so lucky to get the chance for a little family get away to much cooler weather. Extra thanks to the Winzelers for thinking of us to stay at their timeshare. Only a 1 1/2 hour drive to beautiful Sedona and the famous redrocks. This was the view from our patio.
After we arrived and unpacked we got ready for a walk, but everytime we would go out it would rain and even hail! So we would head back inside, to our favorite vacation past time, cable tv. It doesn't seem to matter where we are we always watch tv. its so sad. We watched a lot of tv in Hawaii. Come on between the next top model marathon and fresh prince on 24/7 who can leave!
So when we got ready to go out we got Emolyn dressed in her sweater and bonnet that Mamaw had made for her. It was so funny, she looked like George Washington!
We did get out of the room quite a bit. We went to this fun cafe for lunch only to realize we had forgotten Emolyns diaper bag and she had taken a poo. So we got our lunch to go!
Emolyn had fun making funny faces at Daddy as he took pictures and video taped her. She is getting so animated! And guess what she is up to 10 lbs 10 oz and a whopping 24 inches long! I can't fatten her up because she is growing too fast! Thats 9 inches in 6 months!
Stay tuned for part 2!


Miranda said...

My niece is amazing!!! You have no idea how incredibly happy I was to hear you guys got to get out of town for family time. What a blessing that is. Love you guys.

linda t said...

What a darling little family!!
And great pics. The trip sounded wonderful!

Found out today that Joyce Allen's Granddaughter was born... 10 lbs. 4 oz and 23 inches long! YA, and her Mommy did NOT have a caesarian. Ouch!

Emolyn is so precious... and practically perfect in every way!!

kristen said...

I love the sweater set!

Skerrib said...

And what a cute George Washington she is!