Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mmmm feet

Since Grammie and Pop pop are out of town we will be trying to post frequently to keep them updated with the little girls growth. So this is Emolyn at 7 months and 11pds and 24 inches long. She has officially found her feet and since she was eating them one morning I decided to capture it!

Shawn seems to be having trouble getting video on the computer so i took a mini video with the camera. of course it is totally dark so you cant see a thing but i was tickling Emolyn so you can hear her laughing! Enjoy! I know you dont get to see her big dimples but its still fun.
I also got the treat of a much needed girls night. Check it out on Merediths Blog.


linda t said...

Oh my, such a thrill to finally get online for the first time since we left CA Saturday morning, and see our sweet granddaughter's pic and hear her precious giggles!
We're in Cheyenne, Wyoming and relaxing for an hour before we head out again.
We are having a fabulous time!
We miss you all!

kristen said...

how sweet...are you using cloth diapers? nosey me again!

Skerrib said... feet.

mbonnyfox said...

I love her wide eyes. She always looks so surprised.