Saturday, January 31, 2009

ahh food

Well I am sure many of you have heard m talk about Bountiful baskets. We participate in this co-op where we pay $15 and get 2 baskets of food, all produce. Wow, there is so much.Here is a snapshot of this mornings goodies. Here is the list:
5 packages of strawberries
6 tangerines
1 pack asparagus
1 head lettuce
7 apples
10 lbs red potatoes
5 peaches
2 acorn squash
pack of carrots
wow. all for $15. check them out at


linda t said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea you got all that food for $15.00!!
And asparagus too!!!
WOW! Such a deal!!!

kristen said...

That is a great deal.

AmyKristen said...

Alright Nicole...your letter is "R". And feel free to steal any of my crafty ideas. I steal them all from e-mails that I get. :) I hope you're enjoying all your produce. Yum!

Sarah said...

What's the best "pick up" place near you?

NanAZ said...

That's a great deal! How often do you get the food? We'd have a hard time eating all that before it goes bad.