Thursday, August 13, 2009

First trip to the zoo

This has been quite a week of firsts for Emolyn and I. We had our first ride on the new light rail (see Lindas post), Emolyn had her first hair cut that night after dinner (pictures soon), and today we went to the Wildlife World Zoo together.
I have never been to this zoo but we had a blast.
Admission was more expensive than the phoenix zoo because its not government funded but you can get so much closer to the animals. And they have an aquarium which was great for getting out of the humidity today. Emolyn got to pet sting rays! She totally freaked out.
They have 2 beautiful Macaws at the entrance just hanging out, well they started squawking at each other really loud and Emolyn started crying. I was like "oh great this is going to be an adventure" but she did so well the rest of the time!
We met my friend Cody and her daughter Dakota there and we dodged mud puddles and fire ants as we got super close to a huge Rhino and a sleepy jaguar climbed onto the cage over our heads

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kristen said...

Awww the zoo, such a great place with kids. But I am more curious about the haircut!