Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 09 pt 1

Well between my grandpas illness and working hard for the money this holiday season flew by. It was a little good in that I didn't do any last minute impulse shopping. So our gifts were a little more meager this year as I stuck to the budget and did most my purchasing pre-holiday.
Here are just a few snippets from the big day!
Emolyn was so excited to get to Mimi and Pop Pops house on Christmas Eve. It was our Christmas round 1. She went and woke up "Randa" and "Tywer" and said "shh ty ty sleeping". Just look at the excitement on her face.
Pre-Christmas Sunday morning Emolyn looked soooo cute in this fabulous coat from Mimi. And she knew it! She danced for Benjamin and his friends once she got to church.
Shawn and I always exchange our gifts the night before Christmas. Well since Christmas Eve is our Thompson Christmas we exchange gifts on the 23rd. I would exchange gifts in october if Shawn would let me. I love presents! I got him this awesome new Onion book!
Here is my tree collection! It grew by 3 trees this holiday! But this was before the "spouting" of the newest trees. I love the variety! Look at my littlest tree all the way from Germany! Thanks Miranda!
Here was our tree this year. Morten in all his glory. Sad really. Only 3 ornaments made it up. All new this year. We just didn't have time to do much decorating.
Tis was only a glimpse. I assure you when I have time (never) there will be more to come (hopefully).


linda t said...

Oh my gosh, Emolyn looks darling in that coat!

NanAZ said...

One of our favorite wedding presents was a box full of Christmas tree ornaments from Terry's mom. It was so awesome to have a head start on decorating our tree and not have to build up the collection over the years. It must have cost her a lot in looking back at it. There were at least 20 or 30 ornaments.

Love your tree collection!