Friday, January 22, 2010

January Update

This is my "pumpkin spice latte" outfit.
This is emolyns nose in case you were wonderingGuess who went potty on the potty 2 times yesterday? Well along with candy each time Emolyn got some undies. Its all very exciting.
She might get cuter every day.
We are loving the rain here. Emolyn is "splashing" in puddles.
Emolyn is trying to get over her month long ear infection. I think we might have done it this time!


NanAZ said...

Kevin had his first ear infection when he was 2 weeks old and Amy had her first when she was almost 2 years old! Kevin was constantly battling them. They are NO fun. Sorry to hear that she's had it so long. Good that it's gone (hopefully).

kristen said...

Miss her! Oh well and of course you and shawn too:)

linda t said...

Cutest little princess in the whole wide world!
Does she need boots for the rain? I've passed up a few at my little thrift store, not knowing if she already had some. Let me know.
Emolyn's Mimi