Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas part 3- Ellis

Christmas is backwards at my moms house and Shawns parents house. My moms we do eat first and then do stockings before gifts. Shawns house stockings are last and you dont eat until after gifts. Well its all very exciting! And either way you eat and get presents!
We spent Christmas day at my moms house. Jason and Michelles family went to Michelles parents on Christmas eve and the boys had some pretty sweet dart guns to show for it. So we made some targets!
And dont worry emolyn got plenty of very cool things! She got a tiny little baby and a bottle, she held the baby and took off its clothes, rocked it and gave it a bottle, then threw it on the ground to get something else, all with her sunglasses on.
And she got a very cool crocodile christmas book from Aunt Michelle and a stuffed dinosaur, very cool as you can tell by Emolyns face.
This was the only time he was allowed to do this.
We had a great time with my family and our family tradition is a big shopping day on the day after christmas so our gift is money to shop. We all eat together and see a movie. This year no movie as Sherlock Holmes was sold out. so we shopped more! We get all the sales and I cant even tell you what amazing deals I got! I love it!
We had a very busy but a very happy Holiday. My grandpa was still in the hospital on Christmas so we went in shifts to see him and my grandma.
He is home now and regaining his strength. Less than 1 week of IV antibiotics left! Thank you all for your prayers and concern. By all I mean the 2 of you that read this. You guys are really great.


personalized christmas stockings said...

These are really great experiences of your life. These are great and this remind me of my younger days. the craze of Christmas was on my mind and we made our house a party hall.

linda t said...

Precious pics Nicole.
That little girl of yours has personality galore! I love her tender heart and her love of life.

The Youngs said...

I had to comment here so you knew that at least three people read your blog!!

grandma beckie said...

This is so great, I was there for part of your Christmas, the blog lets me see all the celebration. How amazingly blessed we are to have such a family that loves us so much. You guys are a joy to my life...thanks for making it special --- grandma beckie

NanAZ said...

o.k., now that's 5 that read it! It was great hanging out with you guys last night. I can't wait to go thru the pictures.