Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 09 pt 2

Emolyn loved wandering around checking out everyones toys on Christmas Eve. She opened all of her presents very well and was always thankful. Ten she would go to Pop Pop so he could get them out of the package for her!
Mimi and Santa collaborated to get Emolyn so many fun things! She got a ton of fake food and dishes to eat it off of! She loved it. She is so good at pretending. Mimi also got her some rags to "clean up". Emolyn loves walking around and cleaning.
My big gift. A quilt rack! I am so excited to display my quilts! Now I just have to get them all finished...
Emolyn got an awesome table and set of chairs to do her playing on. She loves to draw and these washable markers are perfect! I do have some of her art on the fridge, very moving. She is very talented.
Emolyn got a Elmo play set from Uncle and Tyler! This was her going to give him a hug and say "Dak Un" (Thank you)
We had an awesome day with the Thompson clan, followed by a night of worship and the Christmas Eve service at church.


linda t said...

I still can't get over how well she holds a marker... like a big girl! She's sooo talented and artsy.

Love your little family sooo much.

Amy T Schubert said...

Emolyn is so spoiled rotten I love it :) Randy and Linda are soo great to her.

P.S. I love your quilt rack. I had a wooden one that I love, but it broke in our move to CA.