Thursday, April 30, 2009


So since I havent posted in forever here are some short clips of what has been going on, call it bullets with photos.
-shawn was mowing the front "yard" (if you have seen it you know what I mean) and in an attempt to get the lawn mower out of the shed he discover a wasp nest. He got the nest down with a hose but they were mad and they got him right in the ear. He was such a trooper. First sting ever, and he still finished the yard. Good man.

Yesterday I asked Emolyn "where is mommies nose?" and she pointed to it. then i asked "where is emolyns nose?" and she pointed to that. genius. She has been rocking some pretty cute summer outfits lately, as it has been 100 degrees!
The family that brushes together, stays together.
She is making if you can believe it, even more funny faces. I know impossible you say. She is so funny. She also has been standing by herself and continues to walk with a one hand assistance. Depending on her shoes she might walk like Frankenstein.
She has also super been into peanut butter. what a mess but she can hold a spoonful of it herself and lick it clean. I am trying to find high fat foods for her to try and bulk up. ANy suggestions?


Miranda said...

Poor Shawn :( But CUTE Emolyn!!!!

She is such a big girl with her tooth brush and her nose! I'll hardly know her when I get home :)

tea_time said...

We are always in the bulking up mode around here. We've tried full fat yogurt (yo baby), PB, cheese, and of course whole milk.

The Dr also recommended crackers with more calories. Like peanut-butter pretzels or granola bars over rice crackers and saltines.

Laura said...

Some little ones that I know like avocados...those are high in fat :)

Sarah said...

There's something called "Creamline" yogurt at Trader Joe's. The milk it's made from didn't have the cream skimmed off so it's about as fattening as it gets but Jack loved it. I used to make a mixture of that yogurt, bananas and avocado. There's also almond butter which may have a higher fat content then PB and eggs if she's not allergic. Hope this helps!

NanAZ said...

Yeah, sorry, I don't know about high fat foods for little ones. Since Amy was 8 lbs, 8.5 oz and Kevin was 9 lbs, 2 oz when they were born, there was never a "bulking up" season.

Skerrib said...

I like the Stonyfield Farm whole they have that there?

We're big into cream cheese. Not as calorie dense as PB, but a good alternative. Cream cheese & jelly on an English muffin. Mmmmmmm. The kiddo likes it too.

Kali Lynch said...

I LOVE the tooth brush picture! adorable