Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Stuff

Deal of the century! I have been looking for a high chair for Emolyn and I wanted something nice and wood so it could go in the dining area and look nice. I really like the Eddie Bauer ones but they were so expensive. So i started looking at second hand kids places. Well they were all plastic and crappy. But, as I was leaving Kid to Kid in peoria with my friend Christy this lady was unloading one from the back of her van. I asked "are you selling that" She was like "yes but I hope they give me as much as I want for it. Its a really nice high chair and it was over $100 new" I know all these thing so I gently ask "How much do you want for it" to which she replies "$30" so I snatched it out of the parking lot for $30. she never made it in the store! Steal of a deal for the both of us!
Sorry she is sideways. But she loves it!

So does Maurice. She drops him food and he eats what she drops on her lap while she is still eating. I think we could stop feeding him and he would get enough with what she drops. But finally we found a good use for Maurice!
This is my second fabulous deal! A beautiful new table and 8 chairs! our church was having a rummage sale and Linda got a sneak peak at this gorgeous table and called us. There is a leaf for the middle that makes the table square! I love it! and only $50! its sure good having someone looking out for us! Thanks Linda!
And lastly and not shown. I got 2 new swim suits. and it wasn't that horrible to shop for them. Both are 1 piece and super cute. I got them at Marshalls. 1 was $131 perry ellis super cute for only $25 the other black and white polka dot for only $16!


kristen said...

wow amazing deals! I can't get myself to go swimming suit shopping yet and I know I need a new one...maybe I will check marshalls.

Anonymous said...

Impressive shopping! Isn't that just like God to have such nice-looking, affordable pieces available for you to give them a home. Love our sweet Emolyn in her new chair.
Aunt Etna

NanAZ said...

Awesome deals! I would have even bought that table. Great find!

NanAZ said...

When I read my comment again, it sounded kinda strange. It's not that I wouldn't have bought the other things (except for the fact that I have no babies at my house). Anyway, you know what I mean. Great stuff!

Miranda said...

those pieces are fantastic!!!!