Sunday, April 12, 2009

whats outside your front door?

I wake up saturday for work at like 5 am and it is raining so hard. I didn't realize until I walked out the door that it wasn't rain but hail! In april. it was like 90 degrees last week and now I have hail! I knew Shawn wouldn't believe me if it was melted when he got up so I took a quick pic!


tea_time said...

I heard the rain but I had no idea there was hail! Bummer about getting up at 5am btw. :( Hope you had a great Easter, even if you couldn't go to church. Is Emolyn feeling better?

NanAZ said...

Yeah, we had some hail mixed with rain here in the afternoon...and cool again today. This Spring has been crazy, but so much better than 100 degrees. I'll take it anytime.