Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby at home

Here is my pretty girl just hanging around the house.

I did get some awesome deals this week. I will have to take some pics and show you! Emolyn is playing peek-a-boo like crazy, she hits herself in the head most of the time. She has also started blowing kisses and loves to kiss everyone in her books. She walks as long as you hold one of her hands but she still isn't comfortable walking alone. She is crawling so fast she often disappears. She is getting excited for summer! She has like 4 swim suits!


Sarah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her darling clothes! It was fun seeing you girls a bit last week!

Miranda said...

She is SO big!! That is too funny about peek a boo and kissing the people in her books... I can so see her doing that!

Laura said...

I should have taken some photos, I had many opportunities unfortunately! Emolyn is getting so big! I'll be in Phoenix in June and I'd love to see you and Jeannette and your little lovelies!