Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big experience, no photos

Guess who peed on the potty! Emolyn! Pictures (staged to recreate) to follow but she totally did it. I try to bring her to her potty whenever I have to potty. So she is sitting on her pink potty bottomless reading her "baby faces" book and she keep dropping it and picking it up. So now she drops it and tries to crawl off the potty to get to it but the potty has tinkle in it! So she dumps pee all over the book and the floor because she doesn't really walk yet so in crawling off the potty it came down with her. So she and book have pee all over but i am trying to be so excited about pee in the potty and I want to give her a treat but the pee seems like I need to take care of that first. So after some quick re-diapering and sanitation I take her to the kitchen where we open a little pack of M&Ms she is so exciting she is bouncing in my arms. I take her to the bathroom and show her the potty again and say "good girl for going potty in the potty" and give her an M&M. It was dramatic but rewarding.
Packing for vacation to Carlsbad. i work tomorrow and friday and we leave early sat morning. Yikes! So potty staging pictures hopefully to be done by shawn tomorrow!

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Miranda said...

Such a big girl!!!! She did a wee in the potty (said in British accent)... I love it!!!