Friday, May 22, 2009

15 months

My little girl is 15 months old today! Here is a little update to what she is up to.
-she loves swimming and splashing but after ever splash wipes her face, a lady doesn't let water sit on her face!
-she has taken 4 consecutive steps but is not happy about it. she cried after walking at michelle's last night. she just really likes crawling.
-she has 8 super cute teeth
-she does this super excited face where she balls her fists and crinkles her nose, its fabulous
-she loves opening things, drawers containers and putting stuff into them, like pulling out all of her socks and putting them in where the diapers so or right now pulling all the paper out of the printer
-she says "dahg" which is very east coast for "dog" but "dahg" refers to all animals, and some people. and by the way shawn and I are both "dad"
-she loves giving kisses, it used to be like pulling teeth but now she love it. she kisses everyone in a book and if she likes you enough she will kiss you too
-she loves playing with other kids and we are working on being "gentle"
-she points to everything! and pointing is usually followed by a grunt indicating "i want that" or "take me there"
-she is almost too big for her infant seat. i think we have 2 pounds to go.
-she is the most expressive child. i wish i could capture every expression, its priceless.
-she has the most pleasant demeanor. She is simply a joy to be around.


kristen said...

Hopefully she didn't learn the not being gentle thing from Mya! haha! Getting wacked in the head can leave an impression.

Kali Lynch said...

She is a JOY!

kristen said...

Hey girlie thanks for the comments. We would love for you guys to come visit!! Anytime! I am sure Aunt Linda's lemon bars are better having fresh lemons and all will do that:) Give the little one kisses from us!

NanAZ said...

Happy Birthday Emolyn! What a sweet thing she is. Please include us on your babysitting list if you ever run out of family to watch her.

Well of course she's expressive. I mean look at the Thompson girls especially! There is no such thing as an average day or event.