Monday, May 18, 2009


So these are pretty hollyhocks right? So they didn't look this way like 2 weeks ago.

I finally decided to attack the week situation in the back yard and probably pulled like 6 of these beauties out, thinking they were weeds. I am an idiot. I planted these seeds probably 3 years ago, they were transplants from Lindas amazing hollyhock garden. So now I only have like 4 stalks but I am such a dork. There is finally something not hideous in my backyard and I go and ruin it!
On a happier note Emolyn has started putting things on, hats, socks, jackets. She is so funny right now and just wants to play and play. I love her!


linda t said...

Don't feel bad... I did the very same thing when I planted my first Hollyhock seeds many years ago.
Who knew they would look like weeds before they sprouted tall and bloomed!!
They sure are beautiful Nicole.
Can't wait to see you guys Wed. night!

Jeannette's Blog said...

Don't feel's an honest mistake. They look beautiful! I love the hot pink color!