Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year we got to have 2 Christmas days by celebrating Christmas with the Thompsons on Christmas Eve. We had a great time and of course Emolyn got spoiled with a ton of awesome gifts. But mostly she liked that her Grammie wrapped gifts in special foil paper just for Emolyn so that it wouldn't disintegrate as she drooled all over it. She got fun toys and cute clothes as some spending money! (which she is wisely saving up for her next carseat)

It wasn't just Emolyn who got spoiled by presents Shawn and I got awesome thoughtful gifts too! Shawn got this cool stainless steel frying pan he has been wanting and I got a waffle iron! A fun round one. Check out a future post to see my first batch! Shawn and I also got TWLOHA tee shirts, check out the site, this company is so cool. I also got more cool clothes and jewelry. Linda gave me this awesome scrabble pendant from and I dont think any of them could suit me better! Although they do have a ton more that I want, check them out!
I wish we would have taken a family photo because everyone just looked so cute. Miranda and Linda were matchy matchy!
Tyler had to ;leave a little early for work but we had a beautiful Christmas dinner together with hame and Mamaws special raisin sauce!
Emolyn gave the best gift by taking a nap on Randy's chest. But you couldn't keep her down for long she was up quickly and ready to watch her daddy play guitar at Christmas eve service at church. She stayed for both services and did awesome.

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linda t said...

Thanks for the pic of Miranda & me.
And I love the last one of you & Emolyn. Cute!