Monday, January 19, 2009

Everyones gone and it smells like chorizo

Emolyn and I have a girls day today since shawn is on a boys days with Aaron and Jeremy. I was thinking we could really combo those for a baby name. Like Arimy or Jerin. I like them and I would love some feedback.
Anyhow, Emolyn and I have been having an awesome morning and I wanted to share some of our adventures with you. We tried to call Miranda on skype but she is in class, so we missed her. Bummer.
So I told you Emolyn was crawling. Here it is...

She is so fast I barely got these pics! And remember I said she pulls herself up! It is so funny to see such a tiny little thing standing on these skinny little legs! But man is she cute!

What a HAM! We just love her so bad. Here she is spending a little time with mom today and dad last night.

She loves to sleep on him, it must be because he is so big and strong. She loves her daddy and I am so grateful he is there for her when I cant be. My heart goes out to moms who have to use daycare for their little ones. I know we are so lucky. How did we make such a cute baby?
Oh she is ready to have her earrings changed, stay tuned to see how that goes, I might try and do it while she is asleep!


linda t said...

Oh my gosh, she melts me! I must say to Randy a dozen times a day... I love Emolyn sooo much!!
We miss her and can't wait to spend a chunk of time with her! I'm thinking you & Shawn need to have an East Valley date night.
LOVE those darling tights she's wearing! They look sooo cute with her denim skirt.
Yes, she is THE cutest baby!

Kelly said...

she is soooo cute.

I have the best daycare in the world. My mother in law. She loves and cares for my son as I would. that makes taking him there everyday soooo much easier.

linda t said...

I'm sorry, I can't help myself... I keep coming back to see these daring pics of the prettiest girl in the whole world. That's what Tyler always says about Emolyn "how's the prettiest girl in the world doing?"

kristen said...

Oh how I wish we were closer I would love to see this in person!

grandma beckie said...

She just makes me want to ooh and hug her. Nicole you and Shawn are doing and amazing job parenting your first child, and the prettiest girl in the world, wow. I love you bad
Grandma beckie