Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day after and my christmas home

For the last 6 or 7 years my mom has been giving jason, Michelle, shawn and I a shopping day as our Christmas gift. We spend the whole day together and literally shop till we drop. We get all the good after christmas sales and we get exactly what we want. We also eat several times and usually see a movie. Emolyn spent the second 1/2 of the day with us because I have been missing her pretty bad lately. It was a great day and we love spending time with mom and each other. This year we made quite a haul!
The day after Christmas we went to visit Shawns grandma, the elder of the two Emolyns. We always have such a wonderful time at her home, she is such a great hostess and always has sweets! Emolyn loves getting to sit in her lap and hear her sing to her "little lady".
Here is my fist waffle in the new waffle iron. Turned out great!
I didn't get a chance to photo all my decorations but I have been creating a tree collection the last few years and I got 2 more trees after Christmas this year. Maurice ate my feather tree last year which is a bummer because it was pretty cool.
I didn't get to decorate very much this year, that was left up to Shawn since he had more time at home. But I did get a new idea from Stacie about how to display my christmas cards in a fun way, so I got out my christmas ribbon and started pinning the cards to it. Unfortunately I couldn't keep up with the cards and next year will need 2 ribbons. She also saves the cards and puts them on a ring by the year and puts them out to display during the holidays and everyone loves coming over to see their old cards.I hope you all had a happy holiday season. I know we did. I really tried to relax this season and not stress out. It didn't always work but I felt more laid back then usually. Shawn and I both really enjoyed this year, probably our best Christmas together yet, Emolyn probably had something to do with it. We love being a family and getting to spend time with each of our families too. We got to have Christmas dinner together as one big family and it was so much fun to have everyone there, and of course great food. Linda made an awesome rum cake which was the hit of the party! And now as we transition happy spring cleaning to you all as you try to find a place for all those new gifts!


NanAZ said...

The after Christmas shopping day sounds like fun and a great way to make the best of the money available. It's good to know that you're collecting trees. I'll have to make a note of it for future reference. I like the Christmas card ideas too.

linda t said...

Loved all your Christmas posts Nicole!
And I love your new blog look.
Such a sweet pic of our precious Emolyn's! Mamaw adores little Emolyn and will enjoy all your recent Christmas posts.

Erin said...

...because Dr. Pepper goes really well with waffles. I love it.

Stacey Lynch said...

So cool I made it on your blog...I am working on taking the glue gun glue off of all of my christmas cards so I can put them on their 2008 ring!! You are a great Mom...It's fun watching you!