Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day

How did I skip this? Anyway we had Christmas Day at my moms house. We start the day with homemade cinnamon rolls and shrimp cocktail, winston is allergic to shrimp, just so you know. Emolyn loves family! Here she is with GG who gave Emolyn one of her favorite toys, a brown striped monkey. Also GGs friend from Hawaii sent Emolyn a special gift and a new Hawaii quarter!
Stockings are sort of a huge deal in my family, santa comes to my moms house and thats where we get them. We always do stockings first and my mom, i mean santa goes a little overboard and usually our stockings are overflowing. It is filled with thoughtful unique gifts for each of us catered to our likes. But we have to wait until everyone is ready to open them and Jason notoriously takes a ridiculous amount of time.
Emolyn loved spending time with her Aunt! They have so much fun together EKT cries when I come to take hr away!

Uncle Jason of course is fun too as are her cousins. We love spending time with family and it was so great to have the Thompson clan join us for dinner.
Guess what I just talked, sort of, to Miranda in England! Check out her blog to keep up on her comings and goings!

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