Monday, January 26, 2009

Last week

Last week Emolyn and I went out the my grandparents house and they have a hot tub so we took a dip. At first she hated it but then after spending some time outside with my grandma (gg) she was willing to try it again and she loved it! The water was just warm enough, it was very nice.

She has an amazing swimsuit body! When we were at my grandparents my grandma gave me all the ingredients for a lemon meringue pie. Along with her amazing meyer lemons off her tree she gave me all the fixings and encouraged me to try and make it at home even though she has never made one! And guess what. I did it! It worked and it was pretty darn good. My nephew Benjamin loves lemon pie so I brought it to him and we tried it together. He gave it 8/10. I was pretty proud of myself!

Oh and have we got a problem. Emolyn loves shoes. I cant get her away from mine. When we are in my room she goes right for the shoes. Oh dear.


Jeannette's Blog said...

I love the suit!! Is she blowing her bubbles??

Laura said...

You guys are in your bathing suits and i'm wearing 10 layers and freezing my booty's so unfair!

Miranda said...

You have great shoes though Nicole... Emy can't help but be drawn to their awesomeness!!

kristen said...

yeah kind of not fair! We are so ready for summer. Can I just say I love your hair and it makes me want to cut mine off soon but hopefully I can make it until I am 30...we'll see!

I know what you mean about being a lover of shoes. Mya is for sure but she puts on by herself so I don't complain.

linda t said...

Gorgeous pie!!! I am sooo impressed that you would take on meringue! You must teach me.
Cuz I am achin for some lemon meringue pie!