Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emolyn Kate

Weighing in at 14 lbs 10 oz Emolyn is doing a ton of fun new things and I get the pleasure of spending the weekend with her. Shawn is out of town so its girls weekend at the Thompson house.
Emolyn is easily pulling herself up and loves to bounce on her knees. She loves cords and wires. She can wave and clap and rubs her hands together like they are cold. Her very favorite thing to no is shake her head  "no" to any question. However she does not like it when I saw no. Hence the tears.
She loves the independence of cherios, who doesn't love feeding themselves. She wears 6 months size clothes easily and she loves trash, mostly paper. Here is her playing in the trash under the desk when I was trying to answer emails. She moves so fast!
And she has 2 new top teeth. I used iphoto in an attempt to turn her upside down to let you see them but she was so entranced by her own picture she would hardly open her mouth!
We love our little girls so terribly I cant imagine how big my heart would get with another. And how hard to split your time between children. But we are still planning for more, not this minute but eventually. I am trying to memorizer every minute with her in my head because she is changing so fast and I love the new things but I am sad the old things are gone too.
I cant believe she is almost a year old! I told her for her birthday I want her to say "mama". We will see.
I miss her so much when I am away and its hard to get enough of her when I am at home. So if you come over and the place is a dump its because I love my baby.


Angie in AZ said...

I have loved watching her grow through photos. And hon, this one, you'll remember all those little things. It's the next one that will just be a blur in your mind.

linda t said...

Angie is right, I remember every single moment with Shawn... but Miranda was a blur.
You are the best Mommy for Emolyn. And she adores you to pieces Nicole. I see the way she looks at you.

Love that you have a "girls weekend" together!

mbonnyfox said...

I must really love my kids too, because my place is always messy. It doesn't even matter how many times I clean it. It's just a dump. But if loving and enjoying your kids means have things be a disaster all the time, then I'm all for it.