Monday, May 19, 2008

Trip planning

Here is my precious sleeping, well she was sleeping, in her play pin. We planned meals for our girls trip to mexico yesterday. The annual (this is the 4th year) trip is taken my Lori and Sarah Winzeler, myself and my mom. This year Emolyn will be joining us. Our time is spent reading, sleeping, eating and walking on the beach. The others try to work out every day, I rarely participate in this activity. But we are always playing games, having fantastic discussions and relaxing. Hopefully Emolyn will fit in. She is pretty laid back.
Great News! Noah LaPlante was born today 8 pounds 9 oz!

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Miranda said...

Yay mexico girls trip! You guys will have so much fun... maybe Emolyn will pick up some helpful spanish phrases to help out her aunt with Spa202.

Yay Noah LaPlant!!! another friend for Emolyn!!