Friday, May 2, 2008

Swimsuit season

Well Emolyn and I are ready for summer. Emolyn has 2 suits. Of course she doesn't fit into either one yet but soon! They are both 0-3 months.

My mom took Michelle and I swim suit shopping last week and although I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to try on swimsuits 2 months after you had a baby it wasn't that bad. And I found a super cute suit. My first one piece since swim team. Finally they are coming out with cute one piece suits that aren't speedos. I don't look good in a swim cap so I was really going to need to find an alternative. So since I will not be trying on my suit for you here is its link. I don't look as good in it as the model but since I didn't want me in a suit all over the web I thought this was a good choice. Have a great day!


kristen said...

Okay so you are one of "those" women who can just get right back in a suit! I love you anyway and I love your suit! I would need more coverage around the tush and love handles though! I am so not ready for summer and my youngest is two! ugh!

Miranda said...

I love Emolyn's suits... I can say for once that it'll be nice that Arizona stays hot until October, because she'll probably fit those suits through then. I also love your suit too!!! I love the ties in the back. You'll look so awesome in Mexico!!