Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ellis Family Photos

Check out the slideshow of the amazing Ellis family photos done by none other than Pinkerton Photography!
What a handsome family. I am so lucky to have such awesome nephews and such a smart and fun niece! They are getting so big. 
One hard thing about staying home with Emolyn is that I missed Benjamin (10) as Charlie in his schools presentation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I have missed his entire season of little league! We have play dates where we eat pie (his favorite) and play card or board games.  I miss my dates with Winston (8) where we usually go shopping, wee used to go watch people at the indoor skate park until it shut down. He has a great sense of style and is so thoughtful when choosing gifts for others. Every Christmas I get to take each kid shopping for their family members and then we come home and wrap the gifts. Its so much fun every year to see each of their personalities come out when choosing gifts. And I miss hanging out with Nora(6). She too likes to shop and is always asking "do you think uncle Shawn would like this?" She is very concerned with how Shawn thinks she looks. She is also really good about being honest about things she does not care for. So you never end up getting something she wont wear. I love that she does a dance or a pose every time she tries something on! Look what I have to look forward to.


Marianne said...

This is the best looking family I have ever seen... the hair!, the bone structure!, and lucky me, i can actually attest to their amazing personalities, not to mention their abundance of abilities and talents. There should be a reality show for the Ellis Family to win: America's most darling Family.
Nicole, I stayed in that house you pictured on your last blog. Have a great time. I assume you're going this weekend. remember to avoid the border quagmire.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for loving our family. We miss you too!!