Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy 86th B-day Popo

My grandpa turned 86 today! My grandparents came over for a birthday party since Emolyn can't leave the house and all grandpa wanted for his birthday was to be with her. Even though gifts weren't allowed Emolyn couldn't help it and she made Popo a picture book that started with stamps of her handprints and ended with stamps of her footprints (man I should have gotten a pic of it, sorry). He loved it. Here are a few pics from the 4 generation party.
Popo was singing to Emolyn and she would turn her head to listen to his deep melodious voice.

Also a note: My grandma thinks the picture of Emolyn below looks like Don Rickles, you be the judge.


Skerrib said...

A striking resemblance.

She's getting so big! Sweet girl.

Sara Murphy said...

Funny you should mention Don Rickles, just the other night I was looking at your blog and my boyfriend was like "that baby kinda looks like Don Rickles in that picture." I didn't even know who that was but how funny to see that on your blog today! :)

Nate said...

It's a Rickles and Zoolander "Blue Steel" concoction. Adorable.

Miranda said...

HAHAHA... don rickles.