Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Story of Maurice

I have only briefly mentioned the blessing and simultaneous curse that is Maurice Vincent Thompson. Our loving, sleepy, smelly, affectionate puppy. Maurice came to us 2 years ago when he was 9 months old from our good friends the Try's niece. We knew we needed to practice parenting on a pet first since we could leave him at home and shut him outside when we had company but he still depended on us for life sustaining food, water and pets. So we searched online for what type of dog would be a fit in our family. And we found it. 
A hound dog. Lazy, requires very little exercise, loyal, adorable. Perfect. Then we found out there was a hound dog out there who needed a home and we went to visit him. 
Poor Maurice was living in a very loving home with a ton of other dogs, who were, shall we say, not his cup of tea. He was standing there and dogs were jumping over him and running around him and he just looked up at us like "I don't belong here. Take me to a place I can rest". He was an old soul from the beginning.
So we brought him home and he has to drink outside or he drips water all over the floor, he can't come in until we wipe his mouth (I love white tile, I would recommend it to anyone who loves to mop). He rolls in the dirt promptly after a bath and he loves my baby.He lays in her room when she is noisy, he sniffs her head when he comes in to make sure she is ok and lays in front of anyone new holding her to make sure they do it right. Even though he smells, we love him. He gets wet food once a year on his birthday (we always have a party) and I put his ears in a hair tie so hey don't get gross. He snacks on baby carrots and is known for his eating escapades- a large pizza (minus the crust-he hates the crust), a pound of peanut m & ms and a box of brownie mix that took him on a sugar high for over an hour!
Thats our Maurice. He never laughs at any of our jokes.

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Skerrib said...

Is he purely Basset? Growing up we had a girl basset named Ralph. They are smelly, indeed.