Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to Me!

My first mothers Day! The day started out 
busy with taking Emolyn to be dedicated, her first time at church, really her first time somewhere that wasn't the doctor. But all went well, she didn't scream and cry, she just slept. And I was given some awesome mothers day gifts. Finally another day I get presents!
I got an awesome gift from my dreamy husband, a Pottery Barn vase filled with reasons why he loves me, and chocolates. What more could a girl ask for? Sorry the Godiva chocolate truffles aren't pictured, they didn't make it very long. 
I also got flowers, a bouquet and planted pink roses from Gigi. Note the awesome red bag in the back, my posh purse/diaper bag. Awesome scrapping stuff and cute organizing boxes! One of the most precious gifts however wasn't for me, it as for Emolyn. Mamaw (the first Emolyn) gave our little Emolyn the little pink bible she gave to her daughter Patty in 1962. Patty passed away in 1974. It is so touching, she has many hand written verses and notes. We are privileged to have it, and Emolyn won't get to touch it until she is 18! Its so fragile!
So although stressful it was a good first mothers day. I got to take a nap, and that makes any day a little better! I also got to talk to my awesome 
fancy pants New York City living cousin. What a show-off. I wish I could see him more.

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Miranda said...

Love the posh purse diaper bag!!! Whoever gave that to you is such a special person ;-). Glad you had such a wonderful mother's day!