Friday, June 13, 2008

Gettin' Ready

Emolyn and I leave for Girls Mexico trip on Tuesday and we have started packing. I am sure I am so over packing for her but I am a little nervous I will forget something. But I bought Emolyn some sunglasses by Frubi that have velcro on the back so the will stay on. Well of course they are too big so I sewed some velcro on for a tighter fit and she loves them, sort of. So more cooking and planning and packing over the weekend, three of my favorite things, seriously. Shawn makes fun of me because I start packing like a week before a trip. But it helps me get excited and feel prepared. Tonight The Call (ODFs college group) is having a Halloween in June pool party. I think I will dress Emolyn up as a baby. I am making spooky punch. I love spooky punch. I freeze water in medical gloves so there are severed hands floating in the punch! Obviously I take the glove off before placing said severed hand in the punch. Oh and I finished a couple fun craft projects I will have to blog about soon. Only I work on sat. and monday and Sunday is Shawn's first Fathers Day! So just a warning, there will be a delay in blogs. Try to make it without my witty banter. 


Miranda said...

Look at the beach baby!!! She is ready for Mexico. I'll see you tonight at the party :)

kristen said...

love the glasses...that is how they should make Mya's prescription classes so they won't break. How fun in Mexico!

Throw some of that love for cooking over my way please!!

Happy 1st Fathers Day to Shawn!