Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My secret addiction

Emolyn is getting so strong! This is some of her Tummy Time.

My friend Jeannette loaned me The Gilmore Girls series and I am not through the first season and I have some issues but i cant stop watching. Like that the daughter is a horrible actress and all the dialogue sounds so written. No one makes that many pop culture references in 40 minutes. And in pretty much every episode somehow has to tell the mom how "hot" she is. But like a bloody mangled reck, i cant turn away.
Some other embarrassing shows i enjoy: Americas next top model, gladiators, biggest loser, ER, Martha, and merv griffins crosswords.


kristen said...

She got such beautiful eyes!

Okay so I guess since you admitted some of yours I will admit to watching Fear Factor...kind of sad its not on anymore.

oh I guess I also get wrapped up in the housewives of new york.

I gave up on Days of our lives since we got rid of tivo!

Miranda said...

FYI Rori doesn't get any better as the show goes on... she's really bad. The Lorali "hot" reference does subside a little bit as the show goes on, if I remember correctly. It's a cute show and yes very over scripted, but all the pop-culture references makes me laugh.

I admit that I'll watch pretty much anything tv show on ABC.com if I'm bored enough.

Have you picked up on a soap opera yet? I think every stay-at-home mom needs one... you need "your stories" hehe

linda t said...

She is so beautiful!
What a blessing. What a miracle.

Miranda said...

the more I look at that bottom picture, the more she looks like you :)