Saturday, June 28, 2008

craft project

My latest little craft project has been to decorate 6 ply cloth diapers for cutsie burp rags. Now you have to get the 6 ply because the 3 ply are a joke. So I sewed on a decorative trim and some fun appliques. Of course I couldn't have done any of it without my trusty thread catcher! 
I really like to give (and receive for that matter) hand made gifts. Shawn knows I am a little anal about gift giving. I love giving gifts and I tell Shawn gifts are all about the time, energy and effort that you put into it. So when he bought me a shirt I would never wear from a skate shop he was going to anyway, we were off to a rough start. But since then Shawn has greatly improved in his gift giving skills, with a little help from his friends (thanks Joel). He bought be diamond earrings last year for Christmas! (shawn, not Joel). 
So I think I have finally started to catch up on all the mandatory house stuff and now I get to do fun crafty things. Hopefully scrappin soon!


Miranda said...

I love my thread catcher to. Mom really caught on to a great thing there.

kristen said...

I love the burp cloths how did you do the pink design. I need a sewing mom doesn't share very well