Thursday, June 5, 2008


Thank you all for your heart felt words and concern. I must admit however that these feelings of anxiety do not seem to come from any sense of inadequacy but instead because I am having some issues with someone close to me. Thats all I can share at this time however, some things were said that were very hurtful and I am trying to recover from them. I fell like I am pretty confident in my abilities as a mom (so far!) but it seems like other people don't agree with the mom decisions I am making. But hopefully these things will get worked out soon. No need for medication at this time. Not that I don't believe in it, just that my issues have an obvious cause, and its not ppd.
Emolyn has a Dr appointment tomorrow so I will keep you up to date on her latest weight. And I go back to work on Sunday. My first day back! I am excited and a little nervous all in one. Luckily they are giving me a little time for re-orientation as it were. I will be working in several different areas of the hospital which will be fun. Never a dull moment! 
My mom is out of town and one of the duties in watching her house and cat was to go in her new garden and pick the zucchini because she thought they would be ripe. She said pick them when they are 6-8 inches long. Well Shawn went over the first couple times and I forgot to tell him about the zucchini. So Emolyn and I stopped by yesterday to find this. It doesn't get more organic than these. This is a regular size kitchen towel. Wow. I also got some fresh basil and chilies!


Angie in AZ said...

Ya' should've stopped by Michelle's and snagged a few of her tomatoes! ;) LOL! She's letting us use their pool this summer for swim lessons and we were over yesterday. Those tomatoes smell so good!

brandi said...

Oh my, I understand that situation. The best advice I received was to talk about it and sort it out. Just know that you and Shawn know what is best! And things that worked 20 some years ago, may not be right for your child today.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Soooo...we ate the zucchini, we brushed it with olive oil added salt and pepper and parmesan cheese and broiled it...oh my word it was phenomenal!! Thanks so much!! I love you! meredith

Skerrib said...

Well, in some ways that's easier, and in some harder...I'm much better at dealing with depression than dealing with people!

The zucchini look fantastic.