Monday, June 2, 2008

Isn't this cool?

I got his from my grandma last week. She has two and she asked if I wanted one. Duh! They are awesome. So, as I am unable, as it seems, to decorate my home with non-functional items I will have to find a use for this gem. However I am slowly learning that decoration is a function. Now where to put it! Oh she also had these awesome old mason jars with glass lids! Offered them to me but alas I have no place for them. So I need to make a space. But I put them up above her kitchen cabinets (In pairs of 3, I should have gotten a picture) for her and she liked the way I set them up so much I think she might keep them! Boo.
News flash: Remember the Snapple bottle? Well Shawn keeps all his bottles and cans on a shelf above the computer. He came home the other day and one of his soda cans had started leaking (why he kept cans with soda in them I do not know). 
Well it leaked all over his desk and on the computer! Shawn had to take it apart and clean it all. Yuck! But for the most part everything survived. Maybe this will encourage him to keep his desk neater, but I doubt it. I try and let the office be "his space" and not nag him about it being so messy. Here is the soda culprit. They sold several items from The Simpsons at 7-11 right before the movie came out so Shawn had to get some Buzz Cola! He is a sucker for anything "limited Edition". An advertisers dream. I think he should have the job Tom Hanks did in Big. Only not for toys but just regular things. Like "If you saw this in the store would you buy it?". He would be great at that. I think thats why he designs things so well. He knows what people like to see. 


linda t said...

How funny that you would mention "Big". They have been advertising all day on AMC that they are showing "Big" this week because it's the 20th Anniversary of it's release. Love that movie.

And yes, what a gem that your Grandma gave you!
What sweet pics of your little sweetie pie on your last post!

Angie in AZ said...

Love the special thing your grandmother gave you! If I had it, I'd use it to put salt in to keep by the stove for cooking! Or sugar for cereal! It would also be cute to put a small bouquet of cut flowers (very short stems) in it. Love that green!