Monday, June 9, 2008

Full Weekend

Where to begin.
Well I made a delicious dinner with some of the zucchini (chicken parm) which shawn really liked. Nora came over friday and we made orange ginger carrot cake cupcakes and frosting from scratch (Made from my Americas Test Kitchen cook book). i wish i had taken pictures because if you think baking is messy try baking with a 6 year old and a crying baby. Then saturday was spent on Emolyns first road trip to Flagstaff (northern AZ) for our  friend Caleb and Kalis wedding where she was paraded around like a show dog and loved it. I guess "You are so pretty" never gets old to her. I should have taken pictures there too because it was so beautiful and I looked really cute! Then I had my first day back to work on Sunday. I will be working 6 shifts a month in the resource pool at Banner Thunderbird Medical center where I have worked for 5 years. I will be working as a nurse where ever they need me in the hospital. I will still be doing some wound care and working back in the ICU most likely. I did miss Emolyn but I knew she was having fun with her dad as described here in his blog. Unfortunately he blogged before he called me at work "where is the stuff you put on Emolyns clothes when she gets poop on them? Because this is serious! There is poop on my jeans!" Ahh, this is why I don't where my favorite pair of jeans while watching Emolyn. I guess he had to look good in case anyone stopped by. Oh and I almost forgot. We went to the doctor for Emolyn friday and she is 7 pounds 7 ounces. What a chub! He said she loooked grer and gave us the ok for our trip to Mexico in a week! Emolyn is very excited. I bought her some all natural everything free sunscreen at Sprouts to protect her sensitive skin! Since I was gone all day yesterday Emolyn wont let me put her down today. She has fallen asleep in my arms 5 times so far and wakes up the second I lay her down. so since i have typed this all with one hand I think i am done. but i wont stay away so long next time!

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Miranda said...

It was so much fun at the wedding. I wish I would have got a picture of you with Emolyn because it was so fun seeing you show off your girl to everyone. I really feel she was the third most important person there besides Kali and Caleb... I'll have pictures of the wedding blogged shortly.