Monday, July 21, 2008

Are you jealous?

Well good news and bad news. I visited the podiatrist this morning. Bad news: My fifth metatarsal is broken, in 2 places (note this is listed as a common injury among athletes like myself). I did work for 8 hours on saturday until going down to the ER to get an xray. Good news: I have this awesome boot. It only weighs like 10 lbs and I have to wear it for 6 weeks. Lugging 10 pounds around everywhere I go. Its almost Emolyn strapped to my foot. Its called a cam walker. Very stylish. 
And the lovely Melanie painted my toes so I wouldn't be so embarrassed. She even put flowers on them! And hopefully I will be able to go back to work this weekend. I will see tomorrow. 
This whole injury thing was not in the budget. 
At least no more crutches! Other than fingers and toes this is my first real broken bone! Its all very exciting. 
So life as usual, just a little slower, its a good thing Emolyn is so patient.


Miranda said...

You will be the talk of milan fashion week, I'm sure. Broken bones are fun... they get cooler with a good story to go with them.

kristen said...

wow that is one big boot! I know exactly what you are talking about on the "injury not in the budget" fun! hope you heal quickly.

Dr. Kristin Beasley said...

Sorry to hear about your injury. I've never broken a bone in my life...I guess that reflects my general level of activity.

It looks like you can take it off periodically, so hopefully no need to stick wires down inside to scratch your leg.

NanAZ said...


The post from Dr. Beasley is actually from me. I was logged in as her to update her blog for work...I really laughed when I saw her picture come up on the comments.

Skerrib said...

I am SO jealous! Your leg is going to be so strong, and black goes with everything.

I'm with Miranda--sacrificing your fifth metatarsal in the chaos of saving your daughter from a nasty fall makes a fantastic story.

ATS said...