Monday, July 14, 2008

Picture update

Emolyn and I had a little photo shoot while staying at Jason and Michelles. We spent some time scrap booking but mostly watching the addicting Gilmore Girls. We are almost done with the entire series, tear. But I knew Rory had to grow up some day.

And much of our time at the Ellis house was spent swimming. Emolyn is so comfortable in the water its great! But she has to wear her sun had to protect her pretty little face!

Like her new Zebra swim suit? Guess where I got it. Ok, the dollar store. I know! I thought it might disintegrate when it touched the water, but she has used it several times and it is actually holding up quite well.
My weekend was spent working. Nothing spectacular. But we did get to celebrate my brothers birthday which was fun to get to see the whole family and eat Jason's special birthday cake and my mom made lamb it was delicious! On the bummer side my wonderful friend Jeannette broke her ankle. I am so sad for her. And she is 30 weeks pregnant. So she is so middle heavy it makes crutches nearly impossible. So Emolyn and I will be spending some time at her house this week helping her. Poor Jeannette, so innocent, so clumsy.


kristen said...

i love that suit!

Miranda said...

my roommate owns the first 3 seasons of GG... we are working our way through now because we don't have good TV reception.