Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My new favorite things

Here are a couple of fun things a have found recently
1. Baby Bling, you know how I love to combine fun and functional
2. We found out Emolyn is not alone in her "ailment". Heres what can help.
3. Lastly we got Emolyn a bumbo chair! She loves it because it makes her feel like a big girl. We also got the tray that clips on the front for when she is into grabbing things or its good for snacks. She can't quite sit their for a long time without sorta slumping over so switty helps but otherwise she loves it! We chose the gender neutral seafoam green


Angie in AZ said...

Look how fast she's growing! She's so stinkin' cute! And I LOVE this little chair! Why didn't they have those when my guys were that little!?!

And, by the way, I've planned to make more kitties and think I need to call my kitty line Switties. I just love that!

Laura said...

She's getting so big!! Harper won't sit in her bumbo chair yet..

Skerrib said...



And then


And then


Yes, I am a dork. But I think Emolyn might like to pick up some tips.