Friday, July 11, 2008

First Monsoon!

Emolyn experienced her first monsoon last night! Really her first time in rain! It was raining the day she was born. Of course I didn't get to see the rain but everyone told me it was there. So here she is my cute little button in the rain with her daddy!


kristen said...

Her little face in that first one cracks me up and makes me want to just cuddle her in a fuzzy blanket!For some reason that face reminds me of shawn.

linda t said...

Great pics Nicole! What a fun memory for all of you!

And boy oh boy, what a storm! I had all our Home Group girls over for a girls night. We were sooo excited when the storm came!
Let the monsoons begin!

Miranda said...

Emolyn loves the rain... I can tell. You guys have so much fun!!