Friday, July 25, 2008

Puree everything

Emolyn has stared eating solid foods per drs orders. But she hates it. I made apple sauce and pureed some carrots and she doesn't like either of those. And let me tell you, the carrots come out just like they went in. I have been making her baby food and freezing it in individual packs so they are ready to defrost.
I should hear today from Mall security about the next step to take in my mishap.
Also today I am making cupcakes with Meredith for Jeannette's shower. Thats right Jeannette started a blog, check it out here.  We are making Paula Deen's lemon blossoms but turning them into lime to match the party color scheme.
Todays complaints:
I have a splinter in the bottom of my good foot.
The boot makes black scuff marks all over my tile. 
I was icing my foot with a bag of frozen cherries. The bag leaked cherry juice inside my boot.
Life is hard for the disabled.
Just had to get those off my chest.


Angie in AZ said...

I'm seriously trying not to laugh. Really, I am. You need to change to frozen peas or something! And hey, what happened to real ice packs anyway?

Have you tried mashing a banana with a fork and mixing it with the other stuff for Emolyn? And I did the homemade baby food stuff for a while too... with Sam. For Max, by that point, just give me the easiest and fastest thing. I lived in survival mode. I used ice cube trays for freezing and then once frozen, popped out the cubes and stuck them in freezer bags. Individual servings and more environmental friendly! ;)

Marianne said...

I'm laughing out loud. You have a gift when you can make tragedy (well maybe not tragedy)humorous.
Speaking from experience also, I have no real advice for the picky eater baby. My children didn't eat much until they were 15 or 16 (yrs). However, we had the best luck with apricots, plums and sweet potatoes. And they were Gerber. I think that some babes have trouble with the texture of food. You'll be able to carry her around alot easier if she doesn't eat very much.

Skerrib said...

Oh man, Marianne is right about carrying kiddos around! Mine's a tank. I've got biceps now.

linda t said...

Marianne reminded me that my kids too LOVED sweet potatoes! I had forgot.
I do know that many moons ago, that they (the Dr.) had us just feed our kids cereal (mixed with apple juice... they liked it better) for a month before they had us introduce baby food... maybe to get them used to eating.
I know everything is so different now. It's just a thought.

Aaron said...

man, those were some awesome complaints. if they're that good, you can complain as much as you like. and paula deen can make one mean green bean casserole, i once found out.

kristen said...

aww the food process! not one of my favorite times of raising children. We started with the rice cereal and then of course we had to try a new food every four days or so just incase there were any allergies lucky there weren't any! I love that you are making your own. Oh and I love the little net things with the handles so you can put food in it and they sort of suck on it and apples were my girls favorite in them. Good luck and hopefully she will start to eat better for you.

brandi said...

Zac is picky. He will eat his cereal and sweet potatoes and all the fruit. So I just mixed cereal with different veggies and he doesn't know that he is eating them. He throws the "real people food". I don't know what to do if he stops liking the cereal. Good luck