Monday, July 28, 2008

on a happier note...

Check out Shawns video blog about his day with Emolyn. He thinks he soooo cool. Also check out the new blog from the Ellis family. My sister in law Michelle has started a blog to document the comings and goings on of her busy family. Her pictures are so fun and her family so awesome. She is a great mom. Its so fun to hear her words of wisdom.
On another note I found something Emolyn likes. Fruit leather! Its just pureed fruit dried, but she can suck on it. I think you guys are totally right, its all about consistency. She doesn't like that thick feeling of food in her mouth. So I have watered down the rice cereal with breast milk and she is taking that better also. Slowly but surely!

Worked this weekend with the boot. Not too bad. I did have to take 3 flights of stairs in a hurry though! That was no fun. Since I left of last time with complaints I will leave off this time with a few more positive thoughts I have been having:
At least I can walk, sort of
At least I can drive (even if it is a million degrees in the car)
My foot only smells bad when I take the boot off
I don't gag from Emolyns poopy diapers like Shawn does (he also gagged pouring breast milk the other day, he said it grossed him out. Thanks. I wanted to say "you gross me out" but I tried not to take it personally.)
And finally, I get to sleep without my boot on tonight!
Why doesn't Maurice understand what "please don't step on my foot, its broken" mean? Its like he doesn't even care.


linda t said...

You are so funny!
And the fruit leather sounds perfect for her! Great idea... especially with her teething like crazy.
Great pics too.

linda t said...

This is so weird... I had never heard of fruit leather... but as soon as I commented on your blog, I went to another site and there was this recipe!!

Thought you might want to see if it's worth making yourself.

Miranda said...

Maurice is so selfish... he only thinks of himself. I am excited for your bootless sleep tonight. Awesome!

Skerrib said...

I love fruit leather too! Yum yum.

It took Reese a little while to catch on to the food-thing. Shortly after 6 months a switch flipped somewhere and he started eating food by the truckload. And now he's a tank.

Michelle said...

aaawww she sure is a cutie!

I LOVE YOU said...