Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The infamous asphalt

Well in case you were wondering my foot is still broken. I filed my incident report today, as it turns out they knew the dip in the asphalt was there and neglected to do anything about letting other people know it was there until it got fixed. So, at least they knew, so its less like I made the whole thing up!
But today was cousin day! Jason and Michelle spent part of the day together celebrating their 14th anniversary, this is the first time in 10 years he hasn't been out of town doing ministry stuff on their anniversary. So the kids all came over and man do they like Emolyn and Pirates of the Carribean. Nora wanted to hold Emolyn all day and the boys both entertained her. Until the pizza came then she was yesterdays news! But they just love her so much. I was thinking about when she is 10 and Nora is 16. Man will she think Nora is just the coolest thing ever! And the kids were all such a big help getting things for me and helping with Maurice (Winston loves Maurice, the last time he spent the night we had to drag him out of Maurice's gross bed!)


Marianne said...

It's a good thing this didn't happen at Walmart. I think you're gonna get paid! I'm not talking just medical expenses. There has been MUCH (almost irreversible) pain and suffering. I'm assuming you are in touch with a good attorney. btw, darling pics of the cousins.

Laura said...

I'd like to think I'm pretty laid back. Brandon's mom really stresses me out and when she was here visiting Harper was a mess. The only night she wasn't like that was the night I went out with friends and Brandon had her alone with his mother...hmmm.

linda t said...

I agree with Marianne... you need to submit the fact that a significant amount of pain & suffering remains and HAS to be compensated for.
So in addition to the output of $$ that this has cost you... there is the amount of pain % suffering that needs to be paid out.
You may want to talk to a lawyer. Westco is going to want to settle. I wouldn't settle till you knpw what is rightfully yours.