Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To take away

A note about my cry baby post. As most of you know I am not the cry baby type so it was a little unusual for me. I guess I just wanted to give you guys a little view into my daily life so that you could get a glimpse of the challenges I face and why I might make certain decisions and that I don't want any of you to take them personally. I guess what I want everyone to take away from it is that I am trying to gain some confidence as Emolyn’s mom. So, the decisions that I make for us, based on information from doctors, nurses, friends, and my mom feelings, are what is right for Emolyn and I. Because I am her mom and thats what I want to do for us. I think this is the only time in your life that that is ok to say without being offensive. Thank you everyone for your love and support.


brandi said...

Hurray for you Nicole!! It took me several years to say that. No one knows better than the parents what is best for their baby.

Skerrib said...

Yes! Well said.