Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dr Visit

Emolyn was very good for the doctor this morning. But, sadly she only gained 3 oz.  I was feeling like this this was my first real mom test. She has been home a week and if she gained weight (4-7 oz) then I was doing a good job. But, alas my worth is not based on the scale and the doctor said she is growing just fine and not to be worried. And bonus, she grew an entire inch this week. Thats hard calorie burning work! Needless to say the dr visit wore her out.
She is so tiny in her car seat the buckles almost touch. I know she doesn't match but she is all pink and it was cool this morning when we left so she needed to layer. Then once home she went to sleep in daddys arms. She is so funny with her hands. She looks like she is waving.
Here are a few more photos from her first week at home.

Uncle Tyler came to visit!

Enjoy my beautiful baby.


Miranda said...

Okay, the one of her crying is priceless... I love it. I also love the mommy and daughter pic - you both look so beautiful!!

linda t said...

LOVE Emolyn in the hot pink pic! Tooo cute!
Both you and her look so great in that pic.